Practice Makes Perfect

I’ve heard that to be an excellent writer, you need to write something everyday.  When school is in session, it’s impossible for me to go a whole day without typing up a paper or at least sending an email with a question or explanation regarding an assignment or an activity.  But now the fall semester is done, and I won’t be in school again for another month.  It will be all too easy for me to put the pen down, step away from the computer, and do something that requires no brain work.

I know God has given me a gift for writing, and I want to honor him through that gift.  But just like a ball of play-do gets hard if you don’t work with it for a while, skills often become dull if you don’t practice them.  I want to be ready the next time I have to write something important.

So I’m returning to the old blog and making a promise.  I will write something new every day of my break.  Many of my posts may be pretty short, but the point is just to write something.  Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy.

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