Something Beautiful for God

A strange thing happens when you come home from college. You gain free time and lose motivation faster than a balloon deflates when you poke a hole in it. Consequently, you fail to accomplish everything you hoped to accomplish over your summer.

Two of the things I wanted to accomplish this summer were reading novels and getting my blog started again. The first was pretty easy, as I just about devoured the fantasy novel I had been wanting to read in my first two weeks. But the book left me hungry for something more. I didn’t just want to enjoy good fiction, I wanted to create my own.

You must understand, this has been a dream of mine since I was just a small tot, but I have managed to placate the desire with other forms of writing that I grew to enjoy. But yesterday my desire to create an epic story was aroused again to the point that I couldn’t channel it into something like a blog post. I wanted to write a novel, but I didn’t know where to start.

My predicament brought to mind a character that I had once portrayed in a student drama camp production. The character, Jamie, also wanted to write something epic, something beautiful. But he kept running into obstacles. Jamie learned that he didn’t have to create something grand for it to be beautiful. That even the small, seemingly insignificant things he wrote were meaningful because they came from his heart. They were something beautiful for God.

Jamie’s story is a good reminder to all of us, especially myself, that it is not the big things we do that matter the most. Imagine if I put the same passion that I have for writing into the things I do every day. A smile or a handshake can be enough to make someone feel Christ’s love. Mowing my someone’s grass can make a difference when done with a servant’s heart. And that is really my whole purpose– to share Christ’s love with others. Even this post can be something beautiful for God.

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3 Responses to Something Beautiful for God

  1. hannahjoy3 says:

    The smallest things, the greatest love :). Great reminder.

  2. That is a good reminder. Thanks, Kyle!

  3. Beautiful thoughts from a man with words in his soul that must be…WILL be shared.

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