Grace for Today. Hope for Tomorrow

“What if some were unfaithful? Does their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?” Romans 2:3

There are certain days of the year that are just special. For a born again Christian, Easter should be the most special of all. It is the celebration of my Lord’s victory over death, whereby he gave life to me and to all who believe in him.

For Easter, as with other holidays, I have certain expectations as to how the day should unfold. I expect it to be a time of praise and celebration with my family and with the body of Christ. But before I even got to church this morning, I was reminded of the ever present reality of sin and its ability to pollute even the most joyous of times. I could not escape the familiar faces of pride, selfishness, and resentment. Why couldn’t I have just one day without those distractions?

As I sat in my church’s sanctuary before the start of service, I prayed, “Lord, I am not even worthy to sing your praises.” But then of course I remembered that no one is ever worthy. But that should not stop us from singing out his praises! If we were not sinful, there would be no Easter. If there were any perfect people, they would have no need for grace.

The miracle of Easter is the miracle of everyday in the life of a Christian. It is the miracle of God stepping into our brokenness and infusing it with his grace. A day will come when holiness and love will be all that there is. But that day has no meaning without our time on earth, living in sin and brokenness, continually coming to God for forgiveness and grace just to get through the day.

So let’s not spend Easter trying to hide our sin. Let’s lay it before the cross and receive a fresh outpouring of his grace, truly recognizing what it means for today and for eternity.

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